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Do you raid?

OL enjoys raiding but we do not have a regular raid team. Raids are lead by whoever wants to at the time. We often group up for LFR and very often for old world raids.

Why the G-Rated chat rule?

The founders of OL started in a guild in vanilla where people were very rude and swore all of the time.  We were all adults but were tired of the immature behavior.  Some of us wanted to invite our children to play with us and others simply did not want to hear that kind of language all of the time. We created OL to be a safe and family friendly environment.

What are your Loot Rules?

Loot rules are governed by the raid leader of each raid. OL encourages the use of in-game mechanics like group-loot and master loot.  OL extremely discourages the use of anything like DKP and will not track such systems for anyone.

Do you PvP?

Like raiding, we have members who enjoy PvP but we do not have any regular teams. You can often find us in arenas, battlegrounds, and world PvP.

What guild perks do you offer?

We are a level 25 guild with 7 guild bank tabs. We have many members with other guild banks full of useless junk and are very willing to help members level professions or craft whatever they would like.

How do you get promoted in the guild?

Normally, members get promoted by the guild leader’s whim. While this is not our intended system for managing guild ranks it has become our norm. We are lazy.

What do the points awarded mean?


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